IT introduction subsidy for the “increase in productivity”

18.05.7 Information

2018: Our service is for the IT introduction subsidy for the “increase in productivity”.

The IT Introduction subsidy is as scheme that supports part of the running expenses of small and medium-sized enterprises which use IT tools aimed at increasing the productivity and sales of businesses. For example, if your company uses newly developed tools to help attract new customers in order to increase your rate of conversion, you may receive up to 50% of your running expenses.

In order to apply for the subsidy, you will need to submit a proposal describing by how much you plan to increase the productivity of your business, which we will then review. If you are selected, we will start providing you with our service. We are happy to advice you regarding your proposal and process your application.

You can find more details about the the IT Introduction subsidy here .

・Sapeet EC tool

The deadline to apply is 4 June 2018. A second round of application may take place, in which case the application period will be extended.

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